Pageant competition: why?


Happy International Pageant day! In honor of #nationalpageantday combined with a #tbt remembrance, here’s a shot from 2018 by the incredibly talented team of Judy Wright and her photographer husband extraordinaire, Terry.

Friends, I had ZERO idea what I was doing. After spending the first part of my adult life in a green nomex flight suit and combat boots, then my present days in an airline uniform designed for men, donning high heels and evening gowns was a major stretch.

PLUS….I competed while 5 months pregnant!

That was 2018. This is 2020.

And oh how I’ve learned and grown so much.

What I love about pageantry is how its focus is on the total woman with a tremendous emphasis on platform.

Former queens have gone on to continue in service to their communities by attaining public office, starting world-changing non-profits, building rock solid families, and rising through the ranks of corporate America.

This year I am ready. I have a great team. My platform, Take Flight to Fight the Opioid Epidemic combines two of my passions: aviation and community outreach.

I’ve had so much support from so many….you all know who you are .

2020 has had an awful start for everyone. I’m keeping my chin up and planning on a strong finish.

Dianna Klein

Dianna Klein

Dianna is a wife, mom, professional pilot, and entrepreneur living with her husband and two sons in Las Vegas, NV. When not airborne, brainstorming business ideas, or volunteering in her community, Dianna can be found at national parks across the southwest hiking and camping with her boys.

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