Dianna Klein

I’m passionate about helping other people. We live in interesting times, and we are navigating change while we try to blossom in our journeys. My work is centered on helping people thrive in those endeavors. 

I help people navigate this world

Hi! I’m Dianna. I’m a wife, mother, USAF veteran, entrepreneur, professional pilot and a few other things. It’s awkward to be known only by labels, and I hope you don’t limit yourself to tag lines that fit on a business card, either!

My Passions

There’s a time for everything. A time to serve, a time to explore, and a time to grow. I firmly believe we are called as God’s children to serve our fellow man using the talents we’ve been given. It’s a balance to do that well. A few self-improvement endeavors, a lot of family time, a heart for service, and a lot of fun along the way. Here’s a little about a few of my passions.