Becoming a Pilot: COVID-19 Considerations to Think About


You may be surprised by the opportunities right now.

Find the Opportunity Amidst the Mayhem

Spurred on by the unprecedented airline industry upheaval, I’ve had many reach out having reservations about pursuing a commercial piloting career.

There are many life lessons this pandemic has either taught me or reinforced. One is filtering out the opportunity amidst the mayhem.

And for those wishing to pursue a career as a pilot, there is no better time than now to start training.

At airlines, your life is dictated by seniority. The sooner you’re hired, the more choice you have in aircraft and days off.

Be Ready when Doors Open

And presently, no airlines, corporate flight departments, or any other professional pilot employer is hiring right now. This means YOU have the opportunity to train and be qualified to walk through the hiring door when it opens.

And it will open.

Once you achieve the goal of becoming a professional pilot, then I personally believe it’s imperative you start working on a backup. I encourage every professional no matter what their career field, to have this mindset. Economic uncertainty is certainly a consideration, however, I know SO MANY pilots who have been forced to pivot their career due to health reasons.

But… to go about doing so warrants discussion in a different post.

For now, I’ll leave you with this: If you’ve ever had the inkling to change your career to aviation, now is THE time to do so. If you have questions about how to go about doing so, comment below or message me.

Dianna Klein

Dianna Klein

Dianna is a wife, mom, professional pilot, and entrepreneur living with her husband and two sons in Las Vegas, NV. When not airborne, brainstorming business ideas, or volunteering in her community, Dianna can be found at national parks across the southwest hiking and camping with her boys.

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