I love a great challenge! I was such a tomboy growing up, and that adventurous spirit continues. You’ll find me recharging outdoors during a long hike or playing with my kids, no matter the weather. I’ve trained for personal fitness, pageant competition, and sport shooting. I served my country and have seen the earth from above as a pilot. I’m getting pretty comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone! I know you can thrive while breaking barriers, too.

Pageant Competition

I’m the newly crowned Mrs. Nevada American. In October 2020, I’ll be competing with women across the country for the title of Mrs. American. The Mrs. American competition honors the best representative of the modern, family-focused, contemporary American married woman. Should I earn the title of Mrs. American, I’ll compete with international title-holders for the title of Mrs. World.

Outdoors & Sport Shooting

Hiking is my go-to favorite exercise and outdoor adventure. But I’m a camper, fisherwoman, and world traveler. My favorite adventure? Getting dirty with my boys on a long summer playdate on my parent’s fields in the hills of Virginia.

I also love sport shooting! My father taught me to shoot as a way to be prepared in life and master outdoor survival training. We focused extensively on safety and respect for the environment. I joined a 4-H shooting sports team at age nine. By fifteen, I was ranked #1 in the state two years in a row for Smallbore (.22 caliber) and Air Rifles (.177 caliber). Today I still shoot for sport, and maybe someday I’ll get competitive again – the Olympics may be something to “aim” for sometime soon.

Veteran and Pilot

Serving in the US military was the highlight of my career. I’m a proud veteran! I was an officer in the United States Air Force flying the C-5 Galaxy during Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. 

I’ve been a pilot since I was 15 years old. Cessnas, taildraggers, heavy military cargo jets, Boeings – and even drones – if she’s got wings, I do too!

Fitness & Health

I’m a fitness and health buff. I follow a fantastic program by Brittinie Wick to stay fit to parent, serve, represent, lead, and love.

I also work in healthcare as CEO of Doctor Stockwell’s. We manufacture and sell prenatal vitamins. Volunteering with the American Cancer Society is also an important part of my wellness advocacy.